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If I could find where I put my Pins I would continue on with my Over-Skirt Mock-Up for my steampunk outfit. :S


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any pics so far???
I am sewing the petersham waistband onto my mockup skirt (which is becoming the petticoat) today, now i have toiled the bodice...
It won't be totally steampunk.. but more... ish...

I kinda have a weird attention-span, I make something until I have nearly finished, then I go on to something else...I only have pics of my half finished Corset, and still have to sew the sides of my Chemise.
A Skirt doesn't really feature in my design, so all I have to do is make the Pantaloons and get my bustle pattern (as well as finish my over-skirt)

http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x9/NZ_Jackie/2.jpg - Corset (I am MUCH larger than that Pillow)
http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x9/NZ_Jackie/Concepts/steampunk007.jpg - Design I am making.

Its the Bodice that I am leaving until last, as I need to adjust a completely different pattern I have to make it...

Hand-sewing sucks, I would be half finished by now if I had a new sewing Machine...oh well, it will be authentic...


oh, you too. Apparently Leonardo da Vinci started a lot of things and then went onot the next too.. so good company we are in..
I have seen the corset pic. I think you posted it a little while ago.
I like the steampunk idea. the pants are practicle as well.
is the corset going over the shirt or is it a little short jacket thingover the corset...?

Yeah I posted the pic a while ago. :D Attention Spans are soo much fun! lol
With the Jacket, it goes over the corset. And I am thinking of changing it a bit and connecting the sleeves of the Blouse to it...so it will be an adventure...lol


*pokepoke* SockPanda from CNZ here! Mind if I stal- friend ya? 0w0

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