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Jackie Knows Nothing

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JEH and JDM are just made of awesome, and I pretty much agree with everything you said. Ozy's last look as he watches Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II walk away is just so...sad. I don't really know how to describe it.

I thought the opening credits were a really good way of getting everyone caught up with the Watchmenverse without having heaps of exposition and dialogue.

And with the bean scene, when Rorschach said, 'Human bean juice', everyone in the cinema laughed.

How can the screen not explode from the Awesomeness of JEH and JDM!! lol

I have more to write on Ozy's final scene...the descriptive writer in me is having so much fun wording all of the emotions and scenes :D


LOL - I was squeeing inside whenever they were on screen. They completely stole every scene they were in.

I sympathise, the movie was just so awesome that it would take forever to write everything you wanted to say about it. And now I really want to write more about the movie and the characters. :D

So it wasnt just me who squealed when I realised he said hurm. lol

omg yeah! That bit was awesome!! Thank You Zach-the-Director-Man, for keeping it in!! :D
My "Squee-Clap" has never been used so much in one movie! LOL


OhgodIneedtoseethismovierightnow. ♥ I'm glad to hear Jackie Earl Haley owned the role like that! I was a little worried, tbh. BUT HE SOUNDS LIKE HE DID GREAT. AND SAID "HURM".

I was looking forward to the Rape scene

THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE, but I know what you mean.

lol It does sound abit wrong doesn't it. Hehe

I was soo freaking out when he said "hurm"!!!! lol


Looking forward to Part Two. I love squeeing about this movie with people! I am so happy that fans of the novel are enjoying it. That was my biggest fear. I can't wait to see it again!

It was mine too...I was freaking that I would go in there and it would suck bad...but thankfully I was proven well wrong :D

Part two is on its way :D


For your awesomeness, I've got to add you. Hope you don't mind?

I don't mind at all :D


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