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Jackie Knows Nothing

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OH....Nite Owl sees? Poor bb, though I kinda like that he knows what happens to Rorschach; you never get that in the GN. All you really get is Jon saying he highly doubts he'll (Rorschach)ever makes it to Manhattan.

=( Still, so sad.

YOu're right though, there;s not much to write after that.

I was gunna write more about Ozy...but I got so caught up in writing about Rorschach I totally forgot! lol


Well, true... Ozy has never been my fave character to begin with so I don't really look into what reviewers think of him.

Eitherway, what'd you think of him? I heard there was a lot of controversy over Matthew Goode's casting; how'd you think he did?

I liked him...though I will say he wasn't as...manly shall we say...In the Novel he was more...pronounced and in the movie, he really did look like a "hecouldgoeitherway" kind of villain...

But I did love how Matthew Played him...very subtly evil, yet still with the heart of a hero...

So, I like Ozy, but the look of him is just abit weird to me...


Heh, that's good. I wasn't too worried about his portrayl as much as the hard sell he was going to have to pitch in terms of a kind of skinny guy being able to pick up and throw the Comedian (who's not a delicate flower at all) out a window. I mean Ozy's supposed to be in great shape and while his suit in the movie suggests that he's ripped as all hell when he's dressed in that loud purple suit he just looks like a skinny noodle.
I've always put more store in how actors play the characters rather than how they look like said character but you have to admitt it's something that doesn't seem to match up.

Friday can't come soon enough!!!!!

I agree with everything you wrote.

And your description of Rorschach's last scene just made my day, and now I feel like crying...

As my sister said, this movie is depressing but still awesome as hell.

Back to Rorschach, his final scene…what can I say about that…or better still how can I put such a sensational performance into a few lanky words that will end up doing nothing in the way of the true description…

You know its going to happen, and as he storms out of the sanctuary, you hold you breathe and you eyes begin to blur through the on coming of tears. As the Camera is behind Rorschach, he moves off to the side and you see the glow of Manhattan standing, waiting…Rorschach rips off his fedora and his mask and you are taken back by the emotion on his face, his unkempt, scared face. His eyes swelling with tears at the knowledge of what he knows will happen, your eyes finally let go as tear-drops fall down your cheeks and a sob escapes from your lips.

The Look in his eyes as he shouts his final breath: “DO IT!” Your heart wrenches at his final emotion. You inwardly echo Nite Owl’s heart-breaking scream, and as you see his remains stain the white snow in that shape of his true-self, you finally let go off the tears you were trying to hold back as his fedora slowly floats to the ground…

Your description sent me back to the state I was in during that scene.


My descriptive writing skills are too good sometimes...LOL

Its such a great scene, and JEH made it all the greater...*is going to see it a third time today*


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